Sandy Verkerk | Paper Melange

Inspiration! It surrounds me every day.  From my lovely garden to the sea, I am constantly inspired by nature and beauty.  Elements that I try, as an artist, to bring to my work and share with you. Each piece I design is the collaboration of my inspiration and yours! I look forward to this collective creativity and hope to bring a unique element to your life’s celebrations.

Celebrating a very important event in one’s life should have an invitation that represents the one of a kind occasion you are planning.  A piece that says to your guests, this is going to be special.  At Paper Mélange, it is my passion to provide you with the personal care and options to create a beautiful invitation and enjoy the designing stages along the way.

From the beginning, you will see that Paper Mélange is very unique. Each piece is custom and designed specifically for every client, no matter what the occasion or how many guests you will be inviting.  I work together with you to understand your style and what you envision for you and your guests to experience.  You are encouraged to bring your inspirations and browse amongst the variety of invitations in my collection.  I will happily assist you in choosing the colors, papers, styles of lettering and delicate details to create a piece that is as unique and personal as your occasion.  

Paper Mélange works closely with each client.  As the process evolves I establish relationships with my clients that are not only working relationships, but many have resulted in wonderful friendships. I love what I do and I want you to have the best experience possible!

Together, let’s create something beautiful!

~ Sandy Verkerk